Umno ordered to pay RM218 mil

In the March 2004 general election, Umno received campaign paraphernalia worth hundreds of millions ringgit including posters, badges, banners and caps, which it had refused to pay.

Pak Lah said UMNO will definitely appeal the judgment made by the High Court.

RM218 million sound big, but don't worry. If UMNO pay their debts (read: compensation), they probably use their funds from Petronas or duit rakyat. Put it this way, Petronas is UMNO's ATM.

Just watch the news and blogs in the coming days, someone will speculate that the UMNO election cost in 2004 were suppose to be sponsored (read: FREE) by the vendors in hope that UMNO will give them project (read: kickbacks). But along the way, those vendors who have spent hundred of thousands Ringgit for the election sponsorships never got those project. So to recover their cost, they pulling UMNO to court.

I am also not surprise (if the above did happen) that instead of thousands, the vendors claims millions. After all, it's an opportunity for them to get back to UMNO and as they as, compensate for interest and lose opportunities.

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