Monday, July 28, 2008

TM Streamyx slow syndrome

Yeah, I just need to rant about it since Streamyx slow syndrome is back. Since early July, my Streamyx connection has been darn slow even with 1M bandwidth. And not only slow, but frequent disconnection.

PC is all clean from virus, trojan and malwares. PC is firewalled. PC got ample memory. Cable all good. Everything okay except for the Streamyx connection.

Complaining to TM 100 centre, and the support guys asked me to reset my modem, plug out plug in cable and they even reset their port. After that, my Streamyx connection resumed but for a while get disconnected again.

Make another call to TM 100 centre, same story from the support guys until they give up and told me that my PC is infected. My foot ! Definitely is not my PC problem but their infrastructure.

From office, make more call to TM 100 centre, and some guys there told me that TM is in the midst of cabling upgrading and maintenance but they won't tell the specific area. Duh.

When I google this issue, apparently the syndrome is not only isolated to me but more. See the list below. Gawd!

* TM Net complaints
* Slow Streamyx connection update for today
* Streamyx broadband troubleshooting

Click here for TM Streamyx Speedometer to gauge your internet connection via Streamyx.

Apparently, veteran bloggers and surfers has rebranded Streamyx to Screamyx, Shitmyx, Slowyx.

This is a typical problem in Malaysia where a service providers deliver low quality services and are not reprimanded by the government. End up, the rakyat waste their money paying for nothing. The rakyat have no choice either as those service is monopoly by one company.

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