Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Corruption Rampant In Sarawak

Mohd Yusoff Akope, State Anti-corruption Agency (ACA) director revealed that Sarawak is one of the states to record the highest number of corruption cases.

Hundred of people have been arrested yet, the monster corruptors, the boss corruptors, the buaya are still free and living their lives like kings. They will live free as long as BN is still in power.

From TheBorneoPost

S’wak among states with high corruption cases

KUCHING: Sarawak is one of the states to record the highest number of corruption cases, said State Anti-corruption Agency (ACA) director Mohd Yusoff Akope yesterday.

According to statistics released by ACA, a total of 453 people had been arrested for various corruption-related cases during the first eight months of this year.

“Out of the 453 people arrested, 49 of them have been produced before the court,” he told reporters at Program Gerak Mesra BPR-JAIS Bersama Masyarakat at the Islamic Information Centre here.

He disclosed that the agency had also received numerous complaints pertaining to corruption.

“We have received 880 corruption complaints and out of the total, we have started 77 investigation papers and 353 ‘fail pertanyaan risikan’,” he said.

He pointed out that most of the people involved in corruption in the state were from the management and professional groups.

“We have arrested a total of 16 people from the professional group, support group (14), private sector (12) and civilian (7). And 68 cases are on trial at various courts in the state,” he added.

He repudiated the claims by certain parties alleging that ACA was merely taking action against ‘ikan bilis’ (fry as opposed to big fish) and assured the public that ACA would not compromise with anyone found to be involved in corruption.

Nevertheless, he said the corruption incidence in the country was still at a manageable level based on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by Transparency International.

“Malaysia is at level five out of 10 in the CPI index,” he said.

The programme, jointly-organised by State ACA and JAIS, was aimed at inculcating moral and anti-corruption values among the young and to create awareness and educate the public on ways to become responsible citizens of the country.

The event was launched by JAIS director Datu Misnu Taha and was attended by, among others, state Immigration director Datuk Robert Lian.

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