Sunday, September 21, 2008

Malaysia Behind In Worms Breeding

Malaysia is falling behind in earth worm breeding and there are not many worm breeding farms in Malaysia. Worms are use to create quality fertilizer. In the United States, the by-products of worm rearing is called "super-soil". It's organic, pure and extremely fertile.

Some USA farmers practice vegetable cultivation using super soil and their produce are great in demand especially from high-end restaurants.

Meanwhile, India lead in supplying the worm stock for breeding purpose. It's another area that Malaysia overlook, meaning, India doesn't produce super-soil, they produce the worms.

The government agencies such as MARDI, FAMA and the Ministry of Agriculture should seriously explore the possiblilty of breeding worms as well as producing super soils to minimize the impact of high-cost of artificial fertilizer in our market as well as to keep up with the demand of fertilizer.

From NewSabahTimes

Making first million by selling worms

KENINGAU: Aron Warso, 58, hopes to make his first million end of this year by rearing and selling worms.

The former director of the Teachers Training Institute here said he should be able to rear over one million worms when his farm is fully developed by December.

“Right now I have some 8,800 worms but the number should reach over a million by end of this year,” he enthused.

Aron whose worm breeding farm is located in Kampung Kota Ayangan here expressed optimism that he would achieve his goal.

He said there is a huge demand for the worms which are used to produce high quality fertilisers.

And, according to him, these little slimy creatures are being sold at RM500 a kilogramme.

On how he got himself involved in this business, Aron related that he wanted to do something new and challenging that could make money.

“Not many people are interested in breeding worms but I took up the challenge,” he added.

He also said there are many successful worm breeders in Indonesia, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia.

Meanwhile Aron said he planned to set up a worm breeding complex which would also have research and development facilities in the future.

“It will be the first of its kind in Sabah,” he said.

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