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Lest We Forget - Sabah Flags

Flags of Negeri Sabah "di Bawah Bayu", State of Sabah "Land beneath the Wind"

The state Flag is in a rectangular shape and is in the proportion of 1:2. The canton which extends at the head half way to the fly and 2/3 at the hoist to the foot is in Icicle Blue as the background to a graphic silhouette of Mount Kinabalu which is in Royal Blue positioned at 1/4 of the height of the canton from end to end). The fly of the flag is divided equally into three bands of colours the foot division of which extends right to the hoist. The top band is in Zircon Blue the second band is in white and the third band is in Chilli Red.

In this flag, Zircon Blue symbolises peace and tranquility, White symbolizes purity and justice, Chilli Red symbolizes courage and conviction, Icicle Blue symbolises unity and prosperity and Royal Blue symbolizes strength and co-operation.

The five colours of the flag represent the five Divisions in the State. The silhouette shape of Mount Kinabala symbolizes the State of Sabah.

Sabah Flag Current 1988-2008

This flag was adopted on 16 September 1988. It is red, white and three different shades of blue. The mountain is in the canton as in the 1963 flag, but now in dark blue on a light blue background. The field is medium blue over white over red.

Sabah Flag 1982-1988

In between the 1963 flag and the 1988 (current) flag another flag was used, adopted January 1st 1982. It was a completely different design: blue over white with a red triangle on the hoist. It looked very much like the flag used by Sarawak.

Sabah Flag 1963-1981

On August 31st 1963 Sabah adopted a four striped flag, red over white over yellow over blue, and a green canton with a brown mountain.

Colony of North Borneo 1946-1963

North Borneo State Flag and Ensign 1882-1948

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