Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk, sold in one-liter packs for catering use in Hong Kong, had tested positive for melamine and may not be safe for little children.

Other Nestle products is free of melamine.

Melamine is the same chemical involved in a massive pet food recall last year. It is not supposed to be added to any food ingredients, but unscrupulous suppliers in China sometimes mix it in to make foodstuffs appear to be high in protein. Melamine is nitrogen rich, and standard tests for protein in bulk food ingredients measure levels of nitrogen.

So far, Malaysian milk products are safe to consume and there is no dairy product recall, yet.

* Sep 24, 2008:
List Of Melamine Free Milk | Dairy Products

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The child in Hong Kong was diagnosed with a kidney stone at Princess Margaret Hospital, the government reported, citing a hospital statement. Although tests are still ongoing, her illness is suspected to be linked to consuming milk products containing melamine, the hospital statement said.

The child has been released, and her condition will be monitored, it said.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's Center for Food Safety announced Sunday that a sample of Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk, sold in one-liter packs for catering use only, had tested positive for melamine. But the Swiss company said in a news release it is "confident" none of its milk products made in China contains the chemical.

The officials asked that retail sales of the milk for catering be halted, and that Nestle recall the product.

"The level of melamine detected in the Nestle sample was 1.4 ppm (parts per million), which the center believed is low. However, small children should not consume the product," the center said.

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