Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Racial Relations In Malaysia Is Sick

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister finally admits that relations among different races in Malaysia is currently not healthy.

Of lately, racial relations between the rakyat has been further tensioned by irresponsible acts of certain individuals. Some of of those individuals are from UMNO Party who Abdullah is the party president.

All along the relationship between races is cordial but at time hot and cold, despite the Malays constant avocation of Malay and Islam Supremacy in Malaysia. Politicians from UMNO as well as the Opposition Parties and the media tends to spice things up and blow up certain issues out of proposition and makes those issues even more racially flavored.

From TheStar

PM: Race relations not at healthy level

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Cabinet, which discussed the race issue yesterday, was of the view that race relations in the country was showing “not so good signs” which could cause tension.

The Prime Minister noted that a number of sensitive issues, which were not openly discussed before, were being raised.

“Issues that are not normally raised are being brought up and turned into issues. Matters that have never been discussed before are being discussed now and this is bringing about all sorts of reactions.

“All this while we have been able to control the situation and prevent any untoward incident. But we cannot allow a fiery situation to prevail as it could jeopardise the peace and security of our country,” he said after chairing a special Umno supreme council meeting.

Abdullah said the respective ministries had been directed to keep tabs on the situation, and act accordingly.

“We hope the people will understand that in a multi-racial, multi-religious country like ours, we need to take care so that there will (continue to) be peace and mutual respect among us. We need harmony so that the country can develop.

“We need to do what is best for the country. We need to save Malaysia from racial fights and tension,” he stressed.

To a question, Abdullah said the Internal Security Act might be used “if needed” to curb racial tension.

He added that the Home Minister would “think twice or even three times” before deciding to take that step.

“If the minister thinks that it is an appropriate action to be taken, then he will take it,” he added.

Asked whether the directive to the ministries would curtail freedom of speech in the country, Abdullah explained that there was no such thing as absolute freedom anywhere in the world.

“Laws must be respected. People cannot just say whatever they like, in the name of free speech, to the extend that it can offend and hurt others and jeopardise security,” he said.

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