Monday, July 21, 2008

Racist rules in Malaysian schools

This is a follow-up post on racist rules in Malaysian schools. As they said, educate Malaysian from young, corrupt them from young.

My previous post "Hishammuddin Hussein allows racist rule in Malaysian school" highlighted a discriminating rule in an English Language Debate competition for secondary school whereby the rules stated that there MUST be one Bumiputera candidate in the debate team, regardless whether that member is a
dungu or not (so long as he or she is a Bumiputera).

No insult,
dungu is God's creature but not meant for competition, ya.

You know when you include a
dungu in your team, your team winning chance will be reduce by 20% or more. That idiotic rules definitely hamper team and motivational spirits. It dampen your fighting chance and that is the kind of rule that spoil young Malaysia. That will lead to racist Malaysian.

I mean, if that Bumiputera member is qualify for the team then you don't need the rule. But if there is no Bumiputera member qualify then don't force the team to include a

Let's go to an Islamic Religious school and imagine that there will be a Islamic Debate (no, you are not suppose to debate on religion) whereby the rules say the team must be include a non-Bumiputera.
Tak masuk akal, right. Unless of course there is indeed a qualify Muslim non-Bumi in that school.

Image from: Bumiputra Rule in Malaysia's English Debate Competition - Word by word

* Aug 20, 2008: Racist teacher still teaching

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