The news extract below mentioned that paper-made "Astro decoder" is a hot selling Qing Ming offering for the departed. Qing Ming is observed by the Chinese and is similar to Christian's All Soul day.

Astro decoder works with a TV set, Astro receiver dish and subscription to Astro programs. In addition, Astro use satellite to transmit their programs to their subscribers. So, would the departed be dead happy to receive their "Astro decoder" without "Astro programs" ? And there's no satellite in the underworld to broadcast the Astro programs. How now ?

And are the departed politically concise nowadays ? Do they vote in the underworld ? Yes ? Which political parties do they vote for ?

It is time to burn the political parties peripheries like their logo, flags, and nonperforming leaders. See if the dead still voted for them.


Extracted from: (Apr 03, 2008)

The 'Astro decoder' is hot selling Qing Ming offering

By : Phuah Ken Lin

'Astro decoders' have emerged as the hottest selling paper-offering to appease the dead in conjunction with the annual Qing Ming festival.

Sold together with `flat screen television sets`, the items have been selling like hot cakes. One trader even emulated Astro’s ‘Buy The Second Decoder At 50 Per Cent Discount’ promotional tagline.

Yeoh Gaik Heoh, 50, the owner of Eng Seng Huat Praying Articles Center here said she decided to adopt the tagline due to its unmistakable popularity.

"Our approach has been successful as the paper decoders have almost been sold out," Yeoh said when met at her outlet along Lebuh Carnavon this morning.

Priced at RM8 per set, Yeoh said the decoder was the latest prayer offering in addition to traditional ones such as hell bank notes, houses, clothes, cell phones, cars, digital cameras and even makeup kits use in the afterlife. Also popular this year, she said, is the `reclining chair`.

The items have also caught the imagination of tourists, said Yeoh's husband Lim Lye Sim, 52.

"Some of them even came to our outlet to buy them as souvenirs," Lim said.

NST’s check around the island found out that the Taoists have been busy paying homage to the departed. Roads to the island's main Chinese burial ground have been heavy with traffic throughout the week.

Among the graveyards bustling with activities are those in Mount Erksine, Paya Terubong and Jelutong.

Traditionally, Qing Ming or Chinese All Soul's Day falls on April 5 every year except for leap years when it falls a day earlier. It can be observed for 10 days before and after that date.


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