Abdul Rahman Hussin, Sarawak Deputy Police Chief should be place under a lie-detector machine when he said that house break-in cases have decreased in Sarawak, especially in Kuching.

For the past weeks, local newspapers companies were making brisk sales of their papers that highlighted house break-in cases involving high personalities in Kuching from politicians to businessman.

The house break-in cases by armed gang does not seems to slow down, yet the Deputy Police Chief claimed that the cases have decreased. He doesn't even furnished any statistics to support his claim.

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Extracted from: easterntimes.com.my/index.php?news_id=1&news_content=6715 (Apr 16, 2008)

Fewer house break-in cases: Abdul Rahman

By Roger Francis

KUCHING: Deputy Police Chief, Dato’ Abdul Rahman Hussin in handing over the State flag to the Police tennis team for the KPN PDRM Trophy tournament in Perlis in a press conference told reporters yesterday that house break-in cases have decreased from the previous year and the police are trying their very best to arrest robbery gang members in the Kuching area.

Abdul Rahman advised his sports team to maintain good discipline during the tennis event which will start on April 18 until 20.

When asked about robbery cases, he said that the police believed the gang that robbed the ex-Land and Survey officer two days ago was from a different group and the police are after them now.

“The police will have more patrols in the Petra Jaya area where the robbers have robbed Sharifah Mordiah for the second time.

“We have at least 7 or 8 police teams to hunt for the robbers,” he added.

When speaking about the security in Kuching’s tourist destinations and public parks he said: “The police with the help of Tourist Police will monitor places like Kuching Waterfront and Reservoir Park to make sure that the public and tourists are safe”.


peace said...

Gaji buta kita punya PDRM. Wake up la ... Tahu saja minta rasuah walaupun gaji sudah naik!

Malukan maruah negara!

Malaysia boleh! Muahahaha

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