The ongoing crisis of leadership for Parti Rakyat Sarawak (a component party of Barisan Nasional) is creating a scene at Sarawak politic. So while the Prime Minister is sleepless at Putra Jaya worrying about the gloomy political scene at Semanjung, it won't be long that he will be having nightmare when more problem (now from Sarawak) started to pile up.

Back to PRS, Datuk Dr James Masing has reiterated that he is THE president of the party. Larry Sng on the other hand still claimed that he is the new president of PRS. Both gentlemen have refused to give up their presidency claim.

While the letter from ROS only confirmed that PRS will not be registered, the crisis of presidency of the PRS remained unsolved.

The current crisis of PRS is just to the liking to Taib Mahmud who like to divide and conquer. When no REAL president of PRS to speak of, PRS will remain useless, go for nothing except to make up the quota.

Without any firmed authority, no camps from PRS is able to make any decision or plan for the future. Both opposing camps, have separate planning and decision making process. So how can PRS be effective to the rakyat and to their members.

Both Masing and Sng are in a deadlock. None of them is willing to surrender. The best possible outcome and resolution to this crisis is to have one of them "killed". Taib Mahmud will not give the order. The best man for the job to solve the PRS crisis would be Badawi.

The PRS mess is partly caused by Larry Sng father and Larry should be scarified and let Masing be the de facto leader of PRS. If it sound unfair, then both camps should have a combined election to vote for the new president.

Thus, if neither Masing or Larry will to die for the party, it's best that both of them agreed to have a party election and elect for the new leaders. If party election is not forthcoming, it will just prove that both Masing and Larry have the crab mentality. A crab mentality a person running sideway from the real problem instead of assaulting the problem directly and solve it once and for all.

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Extracted from: (Apr 03, 2008)

I was not wrong to sack the six, says Dr Masing


KUCHING: Datuk Dr James Masing said the Registrar of Societies’ (ROS) decision not to deregister Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has shown that it was not wrong for him to sack six of the party’s key office bearers 18 months ago.

“My sacking of the six is legal, otherwise the ROS would have deregistered the party,” he said on Thursday.

The six included party secretary-general Sidi Munan, deputy secretary-general Larry Sng Wei Shien and deputy information chief Ernest Chua.

The sacking plunged the Dayak-based party into a leadership crisis. While Dr Masing was retained as party president by his supporters last year, Sng’s faction also separately elected him as the other party president.

Both Dr Masing and Sng have their own supreme councils and run party affairs in separate PRS headquarters.

Dr Masing said the ROS’ latest decision was made based on his explanation to its show-cause letter issued on Sept 15, 2006 on why the party should not be deregistered after he had sacked the six.

Sidi, Sng and Chua have filed complaints with the ROS, claiming that they were wrongly dismissed as Dr Masing had breached party constitutions by not giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Dr Masing said the ROS’ letter, of which he also received a copy (similar to the one received by Sidi on Wednesday), had now cleared any confusion on the party leadership.

“I am the legitimate party president and my supreme council is the only one which is valid. The problem is now settled once and for all,” he claimed.

He said as Sidi’s dismissal was legal, whatever decisions made by the latter after that, including convening a separate party’s triennial delegates’ conference (which elected Sng as president), was null and void.

Dr Masing said he had consulted the state Barisan Nasional leadership on the ROS’ latest decision, and that the matter would be discussed at a supreme council meeting which he would chair on Saturday.


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