Most of the Iban longhouse chiefs (Tuai Rumah) in Pelagus, Kapit has voiced their support for Larry Sng the other leader of Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

No doubt Larry Sng has done a good job in Pelagus, but his father (senior Sng) is one of those PRS members that started the crisis within PRS.

The Sng family basically made their fortune from trading in Pelagus and is well-known among the community there. Sng family members are also very fluent in Iban dialect and culture. Not to mention that the Sng family also pour in money to the longhouse folk.

That's make Sng, an Ibanised Chinese that have the support from the Iban.

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Extracted from: (Apr 18, 2008)

Longhouse chiefs stay loyal with Sng

By James Ling

Thirty chiefs swear to sink or swim, respect his political decision

KAPIT: Regardless of the opinions of others, 30 Pelagus longhouse chiefs (Tuai Rumah) and as many of their assistants consider Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Economic Planning) Larry Sng, and no other, as their leader.

These chiefs from Sungai Yong, Sungai Menuan, Sungai Melipis, Sungai Ibau, Sungai Metah, Nanga Merit, Balawong, Sungai Kapit and Sungai Belawai which are tributaries of Rajang River made their stand known to the media after their dinner here last Wednesday.

In their statement, they pledged ‘to sink or swim’ with him and to respect his decision concerning his political direction.

The chiefs observed that over the past two or three weeks, many people had expressed their opinions on Sng’s position in Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

While some thought that Sng should be sacked from PRS, others were in favour of him and called for a fresh triennial delegates’ conference where new party leaders could be elected.

The group claimed that many PRS divisions such as Dudong, Marudi and Ba Kelalan who have made unfavourable statements about Sng are not registered with the Registrar of Societies.

The chiefs, therefore, questioned their rights to express their opinions, and likened it to fishing for cheap publicity.

“These people are from outside Pelagus and they don’t understand us and our situation. They should not interfere in our affairs because we know what is good for us and who can help us,” they explained.

They reasoned that Sng deserved their support because he is a good assemblyman, hardworking, willing to listen to his people, and worked closely with Kapit member of Parliament Alexander Nanta Linggi to bring more development to Pelagus.

“As long as we are alive we will support Sng,” said Tuai Rumah Gelimai of Sungai Metah as his fellow chiefs nodded their agreement.


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