There is no roads but logging tracks in Sarawak highlands. The only land passage connecting the natives in Sarawak northern highlands to Miri is through timber tracks or logging tracks.

Yes, dirt tracks passable only by heavy timber trucks or 4WD drive vehicles. The logging tracks are not maintained and even during dry weather, it is treacherous for the driver.

So imagine the suffering of the natives who stayed in the interior of Sarawak, who are deprived of any form of modernization and basic amenities. An ill patient transported from the interior may not even make it to hospital in time due to the distance and condition of the tracks.

Yes, I keep mentioning tracks because those land passage are not fit to be called roads. For 45 years, Sarawak has been part of Malaysia and still there is no roads in the interior of Sarawak. I guess Taib and Badawai still want to see the natives walk through jungles tracks to get to the nearest town.

Billion of Ringgit from logging activities has been poured into the timber tycoon coffers and Taib money vaults, yet the jungles of the natives have been left bare and scarred with logging tracks which is not even fit for normal vehicles. Literally not a single sen is been given back to the natives.

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Source: (Apr 29, 2008)

Jabu calls for upgrading of highland roads

By Mary Francis

MIRI: The federal government should look into improving the condition of the logging tracks linking Lawas, Long Semadoh, Ba Kelalan and Bario.

In making this call, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang said the problem was not a new issue as it had been brought at the Federal level several times before and he appealed to the people in these areas to understand the situation.

“We are aware of the problems facing the villagers there who have to rely on logging tracks as their land link to Lawas,” he said.

Jabu also gave the assurance that the 80-kilometre logging track stretching from Long Banga to Pa Dalih and Pa Mada and crossing the Depbur River and Bario, would also be upgraded.

He said the timber companies had made the commitment to help the government with the maintenance and upgrading of such roads in the highlands. The state government had also discussed with its federal counterpart on the expansion of Bario Airport, to make it easier and more convenient to transport equipment and materials for upgrading the roads.

“The government will ensure that the airport is expanded first, as the existing one is too small and unable to cater to the needs of the people.”

Furthermore, it would be difficult to send any equipment or materials needed for the upgrading work if the runway was not extended to accommodate bigger aircraft, said Jabu who is also the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication and Minister of Rural Development.

According to Jabu, in the mid-term review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the state would be fully involved in all projects, not only in planning but also in implementation and monitoring.

“We will see to it that Sarawak will also be involved in internal auditing to make sure the project implementation in the state would be carried out smoothly,” he said.

Jabu was speaking to reporters after the 4th Anugerah Juara Lagu Terbilang Iban (AJLTI) championship at the Miri Indoor Stadium here over the weekend.


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