Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Restoration of Sabah's rights

Jeffrey Kitingan' suggestion on demand for the restoration of Sabah's rights is justify and fare. The only thing is that, Sabah's rights has been embedded in their State Constitution. The problem is lack of implementation and practice.

Take Sabah's rights on immigration for example. Sabah has the autonomy rights on their immigration matters. This include enforcing their immigration rules on entry of illegal immigrant to the state.

Literally and practically, no one is taking the immigration problem seriously especially the Immigration Department. Illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia entered Sabah as they like. In fact, they are make good living in Sabah. Who chase those illegals ? Only the wind I guessed.

The Immigration Department, Polis, National Registrar and even with help from the Rela could have organized frequent concerted efforts to raid the illegal settlements and catch those illegal and deport them to their home country. Typical excuses normally given by the law enforcers for not conducting the raid and check operations are such as the deportation is under the Home Ministry jurisdiction, Sabah lacks holding camps for arrested illegals and the illegals are "Malaysian" holding MyKad.

Those law enforcers have became puppets and are being controlled by the Prime Minister. To the PM, those illegals are another form of "fixed deposits" for this UMNO party. Those illegals are given Malaysia MyKad and are sure to vote for UMNO to return favor to UMNO to allow them to stay in Sabah and breed more illegals children.

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Extracted from: dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=56676 (Apr 01, 2008)

Include restoration of Sabah's rights: Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan urged Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders to not only call for better representation in the Federal Cabinet but also demand for the restoration of Sabah's rights.

He was glad that Sabah BN leaders were now singing the same song as him with regard to the treatment of Sabah by the Federal Government all this while.

But, he said it is time that Sabah leaders create history and do it for Sabah by demanding the restoration of Sabah's State rights and a fairer share of state revenues as well as getting a fair share in nation building as a partner rather than merely as a State in the federation.

Speaking at a Press conference, Monday, Jeffrey said recent calls by Sabah leaders of unfair policies and treatment by the Federal Government and the scrapping of the JPPS was one of the verses of the song he had been singing all this while.

"But some BN leaders consider it as irrelevant and an old song which can no longer be sung.

"We are all encouraged by the recent calls and statements by the State leaders and they should continue to be brave and press for what should be due to Sabah and not just during this time when the Prime Minister is weak and vulnerable," he said.

According to him, they should also be brave and be outspoken on various issues, even in normal times, to show their commitment and consistency.

"Why should they ask only for more representation in the Cabinet? And why should they ask only now which appears to be merely a blackmail on the Prime Minister?

"Even if the Prime Minister were to grant these wishes it would not be given sincerely. And it would not show that the Federal Government respects our rights," he said.

Jeffrey said Sabahan leaders should look at the whole situation and consider the alternative.

"This is the best time for Sabah leaders to create history by being part of the winds of change and create a new Federal Government that is fair, just, transparent and most important of all a government that would respect and restore Sabah's rights," he said.

He said Sabahans would not only be in a position to get better and more positions in the Federal Cabinet but also an opportunity to have a Second Deputy Prime Minister and an immediate increase in the oil royalty from five per cent to 20 per cent and more autonomy.

"There is no better time than to do it now. State leaders who are brave to take this action will be considered by Sabahans as heroes, for they are doing it for the greater good and interest of the State and not for their own selfish interest.

"If they do this, they will also create history by enabling a new government after 50 years," he said.


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