After the Registrar of Societies has given the letter to both camps to announce that Parti Rakyat Sarawak will not be deregistered, the press to ROS Alias Md Kalil to inquire on the president seat (Alias Md Kalil verbally stated the Masing is still the president of PRS).

Alias confirmed that Masing is still the president and after that, Larry Sng conceded defeat. Being a gentleman, Masing opt for majority votes where the grassroots of PRS will determined whether Larry Sng should be booted out from the party.

The supreme council members of Larry Sng camp meanwhile are kicked out of the party without second thought by Masing and his supporters.

Larry Sng when conceding the defeat, has requested his faction member to recognize and support Masing. A dream come true for Masing. He has survived the party factional crisis, reinstated at the party president and regain support from this "arch enemy".

~!@%#) ... dream breaker. Suddenly, the faction behind Larry Sng take to the task to dispute the
pronouncements made by the Registrar of Societies, Datuk Alias Md Kalil, through the press that Masing was the PRS president. The big honcho in that faction are Jimmy Donald and Larry Sng's father (Sng Senior).

Now, it look like Masing and Larry Sng are relief that PRS is still around and Larry Sng has given up the presidency. But not when Jimmy Donald and Sng Senior is around. It seems that Jimmy Donald and Sng Senior will not give up hope for Larry to the president of PRS. It seems that Larry Sng is subject to puppetry move controlled by Jimmy Donald and Sng Senior.

Personally, I think Larry Sng is a nice fellow. And yang tamak haloba dan kuasa is not Masing or Larry, but Jimmy Donald and Sng Senior.


References and related articles

PRS still divided over leadership (Apr 10, 2008)


KUCHING: Nineteen out of the 28 registered divisions of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) aligned to Larry Sng Wei Shien do not recognise Datuk Dr James Masing as party president.

Leaders of these divisions have unanimously agreed in a meeting here to continue supporting Larry as the party chief even though he has announced he accepts Dr Masing as party president.

They claimed that the supreme council headed by Larry is the valid one.

Larry did not attend the meeting at PRS registered headquarters at Green Height Commercial Centre but his father Datuk Sng Chee Hua, also advisor to the group, was present.

Former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald, Larry's righthand man, said the group had written to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to ask for a list of the rightful party supreme council members to clear the confusion.

Dr Masing has said that the recent reply by Registrar Datuk Md Alias Kalil that the ROS would not deregister PRS confirmed him as the party chief and that his supreme council was valid.

Dr Masing's supreme council had at its meeting last Saturday upheld an earlier decision to expel nine leaders aligned to Larry. They include Chee Hua, Donald, party's secretary-general Sidi Munan, deputy information chief Ernest Chua.

Dr Masing is seeking feedback from the party's grassroots on whether to remove or retain Larry, also state Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Department, in the party.

Several divisions aligned to Dr Masing have since made a stand that they wanted Larry out of the party.

Donald demanded an apology from Dr Masing's supporters over what he claimed as defamatory remarks they have made against Larry’s camp.

''We treat them (Dr Masing's supporters) as party colleagues and our friends despite our political differences,'' he said.


Larry still president of PRS: Faction aligned to Sng (Apr 10, 2008)

By Raynore Mering

KUCHING: The Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) crisis is still not over as the faction led by Larry Sng yesterday claimed that theirs is still the legitimate supreme council and Sng still the president.

To add to that, 19 divisions, said to be legally registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) and aligned to Sng, had unanimously agreed not to recognise Dato Sri Dr James Masing as PRS president.

Heads of the 19 divisions met with members of Sng’s supreme council yesterday at the party’s registered headquarters at Green Heights Commercial Centre.

Larry could not attend the meeting but his father, Datuk Sng Chee Hua, was present.

The faction’s deputy president, Jimmy Donald, told a press conference after the meeting: “As far as we are concerned, our supreme council is still the legal one.”

He said they were not convinced by pronouncements made by the Registrar of Societies, Datuk Alias Md Kalil, through the press that Masing was the PRS president.

Therefore, he said they would be writing to Alias to ask for the legal list of PRS supreme council members.

He said their letter would be couriered to Alias after the press conference.

At the same time, Jimmy said the 19 divisions, which represent 23,768 members, would be writing to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud on the same matter.

He added that the 19 divisions hoped that Masing would not manufacture overlapping and illegal divisions.

“We have read lately that there seems to be divisions coming up all over the place because the legal headquarters is here. The legal and recognised secretary general Sidi Munan is here,” said Jimmy.

He also asked leaders in Masing’s camp to apologise for making some allegedly “libelous” comments about them in the press.

He said he was saddened by their comments because they considered Masing’s people their friends and colleagues despite their political differences.

“They used words like ‘virus’ and ‘unhealthy bacteria’. We hope and we want them to apologise to us. If not we will be taking legal action against them. We should be friends so it is with much regret that we resort to this but we do not like extreme words to be used,” Jimmy said.

Alias had confirmed that Masing is still the president in a front-page report in The Borneo Post on April 4.

He made the confirmation after issuing a letter on April 1 on his decision not to deregister PRS.

Alias had explained that his decision was based on a reply to a showcause letter given by Masing in the latter’s capacity as PRS president on Sept 15, 2006.

“That’s how it is. Dato Sri Dr James Masing is still the president. I think my explanation in the letter is already clear enough and I do not want to add anything more,” he said when contacted in Kuala Lumpur.

Alias said in the letter that he was satisfied with the reply given by Masing on why he had sacked six principal office bearers in May 2006, which led to the showcause letter being issued.

Following Alias’ decision and confirmation, Masing had said that there was now no more dispute as to who was the president of PRS and which supreme council was legitimate.

His supreme council had upheld the expulsion of nine PRS members – Datuk Sng Chee Hua, Sidi Munan, Jimmy Donald, Munan Laja, Ernest Chua, George Lagong, Ong Lark Sai, Audie Chua and Josephine Randan Mawat - last Saturday.

However, Masing said they had decided to hold back Larry’s expulsion until the grassroots had given their opinion on whether Larry should be retained as a member.

Larry is the Pelagus assemblyman and an assistant minister.

All of PRS’ elected representatives, except Larry, are now members of Masing’s supreme council.

Despite questions about Masing’s position, the Barisan Nasional has accorded Masing recognition as a president of a component party.

The PRS crisis erupted soon after the May 2006 state polls.

Larry and Masing and their supreme councils were elected at separate triennial delegates conferences.


Tamin, Kakus divisions also want Sng out (Apr 09, 2008)

SELANGAU: More and more Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) divisions now want the former president of its other faction, Larry Sng Wei Shien, expelled from the party.

Yesterday, the Tamin and Kakus divisions held their extraordinary meetings (EGMs) to join in the chorus of expulsion.

Earlier, nine other divisions namely Senadin, Pujut and Lambir in Miri, Tebedu in Kuching, Limbang, Pakan, Meluan and Meradong in Sarikei, and Ngemah had also held their EGMs to come up with similar resolutions.

The move came about after the Registrar of Societies (ROS) recognised Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing who is the Land Development Minister and Balleh assemblyman, as its legal president last week.

The ROS too, decided not to de-register the state’s youngest BN component member, following a two-year leadership struggle between Sng who is Pelagus assemblyman and an assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department and Masing and their respective supreme council members.

According to Dali Merawin, the chairman of the Tamin division, both his and the Kakus divisions were unanimous in their resolutions for Sng to be shown the door.

The Kakus branch was represented by its deputy chairman James Watt and the party vice-president Joseph Mauh Ikeh who is Tamin assemblyman and its Youth wing secretary general Alexander Kadir Dato were among those present.

Dali said they were confident Masing would helm PRS and take Dayak political unity to new and greater heights, now that he had no major obstacle standing in his way.

PRS, an off-shoot of the now-defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), was de-registered for similar leadership crisis, was formed on Oct 21, 2004, the same day the party was deregistered.

It has 28 divisions statewide and so far, only the Pelagus division has stood firm behind Sng. — Bernama


PRS Senadin, Ngemah, Pujut and Lambir divisions say no to Sng (Apr 07, 2008)

By Samuel Aubrey

KUCHING: The Senadin, Ngemah, Pujut and Lambir divisions of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) yesterday unanimously agreed not to accept Pelagus assemblyman Larry Sng as a member of the party.

The four divisions became the first group to declare their stand on Sng following instructions from the PRS supreme council on Saturday to let the grassroots members decide on the future of Sng in the party.

Sng’s expulsion from the party had actually been unanimously decided during Saturday’s supreme council meeting, but party president Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing said it was being put on hold until after he received the decision from the grassroots.

PRS deputy information chief Richard Wil Uban, speaking on behalf of the four divisions, said the chairmen, deputy chairmen and other office-bearers of all these four divisions had met at the PRS Service Centre in Pujut, Miri yesterday afternoon.

Apart from Wil who is also the PRS Senadin chairman, the other chairmen present at the packed meeting were PRS Lambir chairman Pandang Semat, PRS Pujut chairman Bangga Tinggom and PRS Ngemah chairman Peter Talajan.

“Having received instructions from party headquarters to decide on Larry Sng’s status, we the following divisions – Senadin, Ngemah, Pujut and Lambir – have considered and unanimously agreed not to accept him as member of PRS,” he said when contacted. Wil issued a press statement on behalf of PRS Senadin, which was faxed to The Borneo Post yesterday evening.

Apart from reiterating that the division has resolved not to accept Sng as a PRS member, he said PRS Senadin members were relieved that the party’s leadership crisis had been resolved after the Registrar of Societies Datuk Md Alias Khalil decided against de-registering PRS.

The ROS in an April 1 letter noted that he had decided not to proceed with the action to de-register PRS after he accepted the explanation given by Masing, and a day later ROS confirmed that Masing was still the president.

“The Senadin division congratulates the president Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing on the settlement of the factional dispute in the party, and on the recent success in the just concluded parliamentary election,” read the statement.

Wil thanked the state BN leadership for their patience in bearing with PRS throughout this ordeal.

Meanwhile Talajan, on behalf of PRS Ngemah, said Masing and his supreme council members must be congratulated for their tireless effort in fighting for PRS not to be deregistered.

He said the Ngemah division was thankful to ROS for not only replying to Masing, but clarifying on Masing’s position as president of the party.

He added that the Sng camp failed to translate the ROS letter which was also sent to the party’s registered headquarters at Green Heights Commercial Centre which was being occupied by them.

“A prudent and diligent decision by ROS cancelled all doubts and queries pertaining to the PRS inhouse mess created by ambitious individuals through materialistic manipulation.

“Now there will be no more doubts on the legality of PRS and Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing as the legitimate party president,” noted the statement.

Talajan hoped the bitter months of crisis in the party would be taken as a lesson to remind party members, and as a future guideline so members and leaders would be cautious and careful in making judgements or decisions.

He said the Ngemah division committee members and supporters strongly oppose any acceptance of Larry Sng as a PRS member.

On another note, the PRS Ngemah division thanked Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud for regarding PRS as a viable party even though it had been riddled with longterm internal crisis.

“PRS is now alive and a strong BN component partner. We have proved that in the just concluded election, we delivered all the six parliament seats to BN with two seats won uncontested – Selangau and Kanowit,” he said.

In the coming days, more statements are expected from PRS divisions as the grassroots leaders from all 29 divisions will want to have their say on the position of Sng, as well as express their relief and appreciation that the party is spared de-registration.



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