Sheikh Muszaphar Sheikh Mustapha has proposed to the government to postpone Malaysia's second space mission (a tour). To me, the space program should be scraped altogether.

Sheikh Muszaphar being the beneficiary of the first space tour agreed that the tour cost the rakyat large amount of public funds.

Perhaps Najib has some commission from the Russian space tour company, huh.

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Second Space Mission Should Be Postponed - Sheikh Muszaphar

PENDANG, April 19 (Bernama) -- National astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Sheikh Mustapha has proposed that the government postpone Malaysia's second space mission.

He said the postponement was to allow the community to be fully exposed to the programme before the second mission could take-off.

"We need to learn a lot of things about aerospace and the community must have a good understanding of the programme.

"(Moreover) the space mission uses a large amount of public funds," he told reporters after launching Mara Junior Science College's astronaut programme and the astronomy and amateur radio club here Saturday.

Muszaphar said people at the grassroots-level should have a clear understanding of education, technology and skills in aerospace before the mission could be continued.

About 2,000 students, including those from Mara junior colleges at Kubang Pasu and Beseri in Perlis, attended the launch of the programme.



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