Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where are the General Operation Force

Voon Lee Shan of Sarawak Democratic Action Party is right when he advice the public not to blame the police department but the government securities policies. It seems that the police are doing their utmost best but could not improve or reduce the crime rate due to severe lack of manpower. The only sour feeling is that the head of police denied there is an increase in crime rate but in actual fact, crime rate is going up.

You may also question the police motivational issue. Gaji polis naik, kes jenayah pun naik. I mean, after getting better perks from the government, shouldn't the police force be more effective in fighting crime ?

This come to another point, what is the purpose of General Operation Force (GOF) ? To raid illegal workers squatters ? To do border patrol ? Never heard they conduct such operation though. What I know for sure is that, GOF definitely be present during Merdeka parade.

So other than marching during parade, what else did GOF do ? I guess loafing around in their base camps. A great under utilization of manpower isn't it. Literally makan gaji buta.

Couldn't the Home Ministry or Ministry of Internal Affairs instruct GOF to do street patrol to help the police to fight crime ? I guess those ministers are busy at Putra Jaya playing golf and polishing balls.

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Extracted from: (Apr 18, 2008)

Don’t blame cops for rising crime: Voon

‘Police are there only to implement security policies of the government’

KUCHING: People should not blame the police alone for the deteriorating security in the state as the government also has to shoulder the responsibility, said Batu Lintang assemblyman Voon Lee Shan.

The police were only there to implement security policies of the government and no one could expect a seriously under strength police force to cover such a vast area, he said in a press statement here yesterday.

Voon added the police in the state also lacked equipment and suffer from poor management of manpower pointing out that his party the Democratic Action Party (DAP) had brought forward these issues many times in the state legislative assembly and parliament.

He noted that it seemed that the state police force had not benefited from the recent massive procurement of bullet proof vests for the police as the police personnel here were almost never seen wearing the vests.

The DAP Sarawak treasurer asserted that there must be adequate manpower, proper management of logistics and deployment of police personnel to fight crime effectively.

“There is no reason why this government still allows the Administration Department, Special Branch and General Operation Force (GOF) to take away most of the manpower of the police force.

“Is this not mismanagement of manpower resources? The manpower in these three branches should be redeployed to strengthen the Crime Investigation Department.

Blindly hurling accusations and abuse against police officers would not solve the problem but only demoralise the force further hampering their ability in stemming the rise of crimes, Voon added.

“The authority that should be blamed is the government itself for its unsound security policy as the saying goes, ‘there are no bad soldiers, but there are bad generals’.”

The crime index showed a sharp increase of criminal activities from 156,316 reported cases in 2003 to 226,836 in 2006, marking a hike of 45.1 per cent, he added.

On Chinese and Indian youths lacking interest in joining the police force, Voon questioned what steps or policy the government had taken to encourage them to do so.

He noted that some members of the public, especially the Chinese, were reluctant to lodge police reports mainly due to the language barrier.

“This is due to the fact that they cannot communicate with police officers at the police stations as most of these officers could not understand Mandarin and also speak very little English. There were cases that reports were not properly taken due to communication breakdown, which at times landed the complainants in police lock-ups for crimes they came to report,” he said.


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