There seems to be some confusions within Parti Rakyat Sarawak grassroots. Initial report indicates that PRS have 28 registered divisions.

Now, the Masing faction indicates that there are 23 divisions supporting Masing (i.e agreed to expelled Larry from the party). Meanwhile, the faction aligned to Larry Sng mentioned that 19 divisions are supporting Larry. So is it 28 divisions or 42 divisions.

The support of Larry also have new meaning. Some of the divisions supporting Larry, agreed that Masing is the president of PRS and Larry should not be fired from the party. On the other hand. the other group of divisions supporting Larry, insist that Larry is the legitimate president of PRS.

This PRS leadership crisis is turning into a comedy saga. PRS leaders and their supreme council(S) are confused with the number of their divisions. And so are their supporters and observers (like your truly).

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Extracted from:

More PRS divisions want Larry expelled (Apr 11, 2008)

KUCHING: Three other Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) divisions, namely Dudong in Sibu, Bukit Sari and Ba Kelalan in Lawas have declared their rejection of Larry Sng.

Through a press statement yesterday, Dudong divisional chairman Petrus Ngelai and secretary Dr Johnny Kieh said they fully supported party president Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing.

“This division agrees that there is no need for PRS to take back Larry (Sng) and members of his faction because the party can work effectively without them,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Bukit Sari and BaKelalan divisions wanted Larry out of the party in a joint press statement signed by their respective chairmen Junaidi Kamit and William Sapak Agung.

PRS has only 28 divisions but on Thursday conflicting statements began to emerge from the grassroots, pointing to the simmering rivalry between Masing and Larry.

As 23 divisions said they wanted Larry expelled while 19 divisions claiming to be duly registered divisions of the party said Larry is still party president.

Grassroots decision is being solicited following the party’s May 5 supreme council meeting which agreed to sack Larry and nine others, including his father Datuk Sng Chee Hua, from the party.

But Masing put the expulsion on hold, saying the grassroots must first be consulted.

However, it now appears that PRS will have to contain with not just 28 but at least 42 party divisions!


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