Talking about behavior, there is plenty for the Barisan Nasional representatives to think about and adopt it. It's not only about racial or corruption.

To the elected representatives of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, avoid the following or else .... live with the title Yang Bahlol or Yang Bodoh or Yang Babi.

* Don't create religious issue.
* No more supporting space program. No more sending Kenot up to space.
* No more Mat Rempit. Mat Rempit are snatch thief just like KJ. Ngam betul.
* Don't become the Chief Minister or Menteri Besar or PM for over 2 terms. 2 terms is already very lama.
* No more canceling mega project and paid unnecessary compensation.
* No more bailing out of losers companies like Proton or MAS.
* Babi is God creature you know.
* No more awarding tenders to your own kaki. Haram.
* Cabinet is for tabling of budget and planning for the nation future. Not about worrying for toilet leakage or block drains.
* Don't send delegates to oversea just to carry Badawi luggages.
* No more angkat keris.

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Extracted from: (Apr 15, 2008)

Be on your best behaviour, PM tells Barisan reps

KUALA LUMPUR: Stay clear of racist remarks, don’t be corrupt or arrogant and serve the people well.

These are part of the guidelines outlined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he gave Barisan Nasional elected representatives a pep talk yesterday.

He said it was important for Members of Parliament and state assemblymen to understand the rules of debate, adding they should understand government policies in order to be effective during the sessions.

“It is also important that they conduct themselves with decorum to ensure the debates are of substance and quality,” he told reporters after the meeting yesterday.

“I also reminded them that the Sedition Act could be enforced if there are issues which are racially sensitive. They are not free to say whatever they want and which are against the law.”

He said that being in Parliament did not give them immunity to say whatever they liked on race and religion in a way which could create tension and problems among the communities.

Abdullah emphasised that they should work hard for the people in their respective constituencies and not become arrogant or involved in corruption.

“I hope the wakil rakyat from Barisan Nasional will not inherit such traits. They must steer away from such actions that are not accepted by the rakyat,” he said.

Abdullah reminded them to monitor the progress of projects in their areas and to alert the relevant ministries if they discovered projects had been abandoned or encountered problems.

The Barisan chairman also emphasised the need to have a strong bond among the Barisan component parties so that each leader can cooperate well to give their full attention to all races.

“Do not become a wakil rakyat who cares only for your own race or those associated to your own party,” he said.

Abdullah also told elected representatives from states now under Pakatan Rakyat to continue serving the people, adding that they were now the opposition there.


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