Thursday, July 10, 2008

Polis Gemas corrupted

The police force from Gemas Police Station, Negri Sembilan are a bunch of corrupted law enforcement in Malaysia. That's according to one policeman from Gemas Police Station who lodged a report against his fellowmen over alleged bribery.

In return, his superior counter report him for alleged theft of Police's property.

Look like the whole Station are manned by crooked policemen. I'll must say Gemas is a heaven for the underworld organizations to conduct their illegal activities there without interference from the Police as the police has been "taken care of". Residents in Gemas however, are not only not protected but also cheated. The police has taken oath to protect the rakyat and not to be buddy to the criminals.

YouTube Live: Malaysia policeman taking a bribe

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Cop vs cops in Gemas station

GEMAS: A policeman has lodged a report against all his colleagues including his superiors allegedly over dissatisfaction on how the monthly bribes from those operating illegal activities was being distributed.

In retaliation, one of his superiors, a sergeant, lodged another police report against the policeman, a lance corporal, for allegedly selling station property to scrap dealers.

A source said the lance corporal, in his 40s, was dissatisfied with his superiors for allegedly taking the lion’s share of the bribes while the rank and file received very little.

“In fact, the complainant claimed that he did not get a sen,” the source said.

The report was lodged earlier this week.

The sergeant, in an apparent tit-for-tat, lodged another report against the lance corporal alleging that he had sold some old wooden and iron furniture from the police station to a dealer.

“His colleagues even know where the dealer is operating from,” the source said.

State police chief Datuk Osman Salleh confirmed that a report has been lodged.

“We are investigating the claims made by the lance corporal. We do not want to make conclusions straightaway as the allegations are serious,” he said.

He said all the policemen were still on duty and have not been asked to go on leave.

He said action would be taken against his men if the claims were true.

It is understood that the Anti-Corruption Agency has also started a probe.

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