Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Saiful Bukhari is a speed demon

Internet can be good and bad. It's the most fastest and convenience way of getting a piece of information including traffic summonses !

Since Saiful Bukhari has become popular overnight, even his traffic summonses has been circulated in the Internet (including his MyKad number). And the summonses really indicate that he is one speed demon. Meaning, he kena saman for speeding lar.

Since we are on saman topic, you can check if you have outstanding summonses from the Polis Trafik at www.speed.com.my. First you have to register and for the fun of it, enter Saiful's information, i.e his MyKad number 850706015687 and his vehicle registration number WLG9170 and the system will dispatched you his summonses record (as shown above).

Thanks God for Internet, huh.

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