RM50 million is required for illegals eradication in Sabah, for this year. And Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah is reminding everyone not to politicised the RM50 million allocation.

Bear in mind, the RM50million allocated is for the coming operation and we are not sure if RM50 million is required for every operation in the future.

The sore point for the RM50 million, is why the amount when Malaysia have various agencies that can be pull together to mount the operation. Such existing agencies are the Navy, the Army, RELA, Police, Field Force, Immigration and Marine Enforcement. Most of the time, those personnel are idling at their camps. Just coordinate a mission and deploy them and keep them busy. This will make Sabah safer and peaceful.

In addition to the allocation amount, the government is also been criticized for publishing the news weeks before the commencement of the operation. Najib being a big mouth, has spilled the beans and by this time, all the illegals probably disappeared.

Extract from the New Sabah Times


KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said the exercise to flush out illegal immigrants should not be politicised to gain political mileage.

He said some quarters are purposely being skeptical and even accused the government of merely paying lip service to the issue of ridding Sabah of illegal immigrants.

“Is spending RM50 million on this exercise just a lip service? This is a serious matter,” he said during a dialogue with chambers of commerce, NGOs as well as representatives from planters associations and the construction industry at the Federal Building here yesterday

Musa who is also the State Security Committee chairman added that the state and federal governments are both committed to tackling the problem,”

He said this commitment was clearly demonstrated by the fact that a high-powered committee chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister has been set up to tackle the problem in a systematic and coordinated manner.

“This is no ordinary exercise. It involves a lot of planning, manpower and funding.”

Musa also said for the exercise to achieve the desired results, there must be full cooperation from everyone including the private sector especially employers of migrant workers.

The government, he added, welcomed the views and feedbacks from the private sector, professional associations and NGOs.

“And, that is why we have this briefing and dialogue session. We want to hear what your concerns are,” he said.

Musa said the government was open to recommendations from the private sector including request for levy on foreign workers to be reduced.

And, he said the people of Sabah also have to accept the fact that the various sectors especially plantation and construction were dependent on foreign workers.

“We want this exercise to be effective but at the same time we do not want the sectors that are labour intensive to be adversely affected due to shortage of workers.

“We do not want the economic development of the state to be hampered,” he pointed out.

The Chief Minister also said cooperation from employers in only employing foreign workers with valid documents was crucial in overcoming the illegal immigrant problem in the state.

“As such, I hope there will be cooperation…don’t just expect the government alone to solve this problem,” he said.

The private sector too has a big role.” Also present at the dialogue session were State Secretary, Datuk Sukarti Wakiman, deputy secretary-general of the Home Ministry, Datuk Raja Azhar Raja Abdul Manaf, Federal Secretary to Sabah Datuk Ismail Wadin and state immigration director Datuk Baharom Talib.

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