* Feb 03, 2010 - Saiful Bukhari Azlan vs Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial - Day 1

Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy accuser has challenged Anwar Ibrahim for a swearing and cursing session. He posted a message on his Friendster's profile to challenge Anwar Ibrahim.

Saiful Bukhari's ultimatum

Apparently Saiful has no trust on Malaysia's law or the Police and opted to let God decide who is telling the truth.

Saiful Bukhari's Friendster profile

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Thesaint994 said...

Saiiful Bukhari is a pessimist. I think if anyone sees him outside without police protection ,, his ass will become Public Property,, only this time they gonna FUCK him in the anal for real!!!

sherynj6166 said...

Mengapa Anwar Ibrahim tidak mahu bersumpah dengan nama Allah jika beliau berada di pihak yang benar? Fikirkanlah..

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