Liwat-meliwat in Malaysia 2008 made easy ...

1] Malaysians "liwat" Barisan Nasional by denying them 2/3 majority and losing 5 states which saw many stalwarts like Samy Vellu, Zainuddin Maidin and many other got 'liwat' hardcore style.

2] Anwar Ibrahim "foreplayed" BN by saying there are enough katak MP's around from BN ready jump to PR, in order to 'liwat' BN out of office for the first time in 51 years.

3] Mahathir is truly the 'liwat' Man of the Year. After getting 'liwat" by the Royal Commision, he 'liwat' back Abdullah Badawi by asking Najib to 'liwat' Abdullah Badawi this coming UMNO General 'rear end-kissing" Assembly.

4] Raja Petra Kamarudin 'liwat" Najib by signing a Statutory Declaration implicating Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor being personally witnessing Altantuya's poor body being strapped with C-4 (and see it explode ?). In return, Najib liwat RPK by "asking" the Polis to arrest RPK for contravening the Sedition Act. Wahlau.

5] Not to be outdone, Abdullah Badawi bounces back with a hardcore "liwat" to all Malaysians by increasing fuel price from RM1.92 a litre to Rm 2.70 a litre. This eventually led to price hike in food prices, raw materials etc, and liwat cost for the sex workers. In other words, it was a full scale 'liwat' orgy to all Malaysians resulting general public having really sore rear end of monumental proportions. See Mahathir Mohamad's view on the oil price increase

6] Saiful Bukhari Azlan apa benda entah accuses Anwar Ibrahim doing a 'liwat' on his innocent rear end. With liwat speed, Saiful (ya, Saiful is a speed demon) became a instantly famous (infamous) and Janna Mohd Zaki, his fiancee join the limelight and became a famous blogger too.

7] Anwar Ibrahim 'liwat' Najib by accusing him of trying to 'liwat' him up in 'liwat' case by using Saiful as a pawn (damn that's a lot of 'liwat").

8] While Najib and Anwar "liwat-meliwat" each other using dildo's, sticks, carrots etc, Abdullah Badawi is dozes off while Malaysian economy is slowly being 'liwat' by global economic meltdown.

The above easy liwat was inspired by CofeeTalk

Some more liwat add-ons below:

9] While Anwar is busy with the ACA and Polis, Najib being too free, liwat the Sabahan by announcing at the mass medias that the government is mounting a mass operation to nab the illegal immigrants at Sabah. Big mouth of Najib give early warning to the pilaks and before the Immigresen liwat the pilaks, the pilaks has gone into temporary hiding.

10] PETRONAS who is itchy all along join the fray and liwat the oil producing states, namely Terangganu, Sabah and Sarawak. Petronas revenue shot up to RM223.1 billion and the three states only got RM1.6 billion for each.Terengganu, Sarawak dan Sabah berputih mata

11] UMNO "liwat" Sarawak DAP when they send executive secretary Datuk Yaakob Mohammad to Kuching to pay RM70,000 cash for court security (deposit) in the on-going election petition against the people-choice Chong Chieng Jen, MP Kuching. See UMNO meddling with Kuching election petition

12] Surprisingly, UMNO also kena 'liwat' by vendors for failing to settle RM218million election campaign cost in 2004. Of course, UMNO will claimed unconsented 'liwat' and will fight it at court.

13] On the evening of Aug 26, 2008 when the public is on the edge to get the latest news on Permatang Pauh by-election, RPK's MalaysiaToday site was 'liwat' by TMNet. RPK's 'liwat' back TMNet by moving MT to new URL at

14] A few weeks later, access to Malaysia Today site was unblocked but RPK was kena liwat when he was detained (together with Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng) under ISA. Read
Raja Petra Kamarudin, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng Detained Under ISA. RPK was further liwat by Syed Hamid Albar, the Home Minister when he ordered RPK to be sent to Kamunting detention centre to serve his 2 years prison sentence without trial.

15] On September 17, 2008, SAPP of Sabah liwat the Barisan Nasional coalition when they annouced their withdrawal from the BN coalition.

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sherynj6166 said...

Aada dua soalan:

1. Mengapa Anwar tidak mahu bersumpah dengan nama Allah bahawa beliau tidak bersalah?

2. Mengapa Amerika begitu beria-ia menyatakan sokongannya kepada Anwar?

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