UMNO is meddling with the current Kuching election petition between voter Kho Whai Phiaw who is seeking to nullify the result of the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat in the March 8 general election in which Chong Chieng Jen defeated Barisan Nasional’s Alan Sim.

That is typical of UMNO being the leader in the Barisan Nasional coalition and loaded with money. UMNO leaders always advocate against money politic but who is playing money politic now.

Kho is not even a member of UMNO. UMNO does not have branch in Sarawak yet have the guts to be involve with Sarawak politic. If anyone or any party that want to contest Chong, it should be from SUPP, not UMNO.

Bear in mind, UMNO house is in a mess yet they still have time to mess with other people business. UMNO should clean up their own mess first.

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Extract from TheStar

Umno tells why it put up additional security in Bandar Kuching petition

KUCHING: Umno paid the RM70,000 additional security of costs which a voter had been ordered to pay by the court in the Bandar Kuching election petition, because the party had been defamed, said Barisan Nasional executive secretary Datuk Yaakob Mohammad.

Yaakob told the Election Court that one of the grounds in the petition referred to an article posted on Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen’s blog which Yaakob felt had defamed Umno.

Chong is the respondent in an election petition filed by voter Kho Whai Phiaw.

Kho is seeking to nullify the result of the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat in the March 8 general election in which Chong defeated Barisan Nasional’s Alan Sim.

The Election Court ordered Kho to pay the additional RM70,000 to the court on July 11 as further security of costs in pursuance of his case against Chong.

Judge Datuk Clement Skinner made the order when allowing an application by Chong’s counsel Chan Kok Keong for the additional security of costs under Rule 12 of the Election Petition Rules.

Although Kho had already paid a deposit of RM10,000 when filing his petition, Justice Skinner said the costs to be involved in the case would be far in excess of that amount as the trial had already entered its second week and would probably involve at least 14 witnesses.

Yaakob was asked by Kho’s lawyer Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah as to why Umno had helped in paying for the extra security.

“As an Umno member and executive secretary of Barisan, I received a lot of feedback related to this article in the election petition which touched on many matters which defamed Umno and triggered the anger of voters in Bandar Kuching.

“That is why we have to get involved to ensure Umno is not defamed and to clear its image,” he said during the re-examination.

Later, Chong took the stand saying that he had a good rapport with his constituents and was aware of the major issues they faced.

He said he set up a service centre in the constituency after he was first elected in 2004 where people could drop in if they had any problems.

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