Only after Samy Vellu lost his parliamentary seat in the recent election, did he become more vocal to raise the plight of the Indian community.

Before the election, problems faced by Indian community are secondary to him. He was more busy with highway projects, leaking cabinet toilet and give details attention to clogged drains. What the heck. A senior politician (and a party president) busy with clogged drains. That the job for the municipal council. As a party president, a federal minister and also a parliamentarian, he should be more busy with social and politics issue for his Indian community.

When Samy lost the election and no longer in the cabinet, he started to play his trumpet. It a job that he should have done earlier. Blowing his trumpet now is akin to playing at the street asking passer-by to throw coins into the hat.

What I mean is that he is blowing the Indian community problem as a publicity in hope that he can regain the support from the community. I think the Indian community have enough of him.


Extracted from: (Apr 07, 2008)

Samy Vellu: Govt should look into Indian woes

PETALING JAYA: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has urged the Government to look into the problems faced by the various communities, including the Indians in the country.

“They have to think of everybody and not someone whom they like.

“They must see the tears in the eyes of the Indian community. I have seen it, cried and sat with them and did whatever they wanted,” he said.

“They (the people) need the government support. They must not make the same mistakes as before and should fulfil the promises made as soon as possible,” he told reporters after launching the Sri Murugan Centre’s 25th national workshop yesterday and honouring 12 students who scored 10As and above in the SPM examinations

Samy Vellu also said he would speak to the Chief Secretary to the Government and the director-general of the Public Services Department to provide scholarships to Indian students who scored 10A1s and above in SPM.

“These students have excelled in their studies and should be given scholarships to study in their fields of choice,” he said.


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